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Receiver of Taxes

The tax office is comprised of the Receiver of Taxes and her support staff. The Receiver of Taxes is, by State Law, an elected position, serving a four-year term of office. The Receiver may name the Deputy Receiver of Taxes.

County/Town taxes are collected in January through March each year. The tax collection process begins in December.  All town water and sewer districts are collected throughout the year. 

The Receiver of Taxes provides the revenue necessary to operate Town government by collecting the tax levy set by the Town Board with the annual adoption of the operating budget of the Town. In addition, the Tax Office receives all other taxes imposed by the County and various school and fire districts within the Town. The Town then transfers to each district their tax levy.

Statutorial Duties
All the numerous duties and collection procedures connected with the responsibility of the collection of taxes are accomplished. This policy is practiced and achieved in a pleasant manner. Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All reports are filed in a timely manner. Settlement with the Commissioner of Finance is accomplished as required by law.

My staff is very helpful to all the residents of the Town. They are never transferred to another department without explanation. If we do not have the information, we track down the right department to be notified.

Additionally, the office assists the banks and homeowners with their escrow analysis.
The tax office also handles the Mt. Lodge Garbage District and the Townwide Garbage District. All complaints and requests are recorded in this office and handled promptly. 

Annually, a flyer with garbage information and recycling information is mailed to each individual homeowner with the pertinent information pertaining to garbage pickup. This procedure keeps all the residents informed.

An Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is mailed through the tax office to every homeowner in a water district in the Town of Blooming Grove.

The Receiver of Taxes and Assessments also collects sewer, water, and refuse rents. Reports of paid and unpaid taxes are furnished through the tax office. All quarterly reports for special districts are also furnished through the tax office. The report of unpaid water and sewer charges are sent to the Commissioner of Finance to be relieved onto the county/tax bill of the following year.

Annual inventory of records is completed each year.

The Tax Office works closely with JCO Water Company regarding problems with water meters and any complaints regarding water main breaks.  They can be reached at 845-888-5755. The tax office supervises the water meter readers and then completes the water and sewer billing and all that is entailed in the preparation and completion of quarterly billings. The tax office works closely with the Assessment Office.

There is a great deal of information that is extracted from the tax office. We are able to provide labels for certain special district mailings. The tax office is able to assist any department in the town.

This department is always prepared for the Audit Process.